Nikita Sedang Mandi? Tapi Foto Kurang Jelas!

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    The above image has been circulated widely across the worldwide web, an interesting scene, but her indisputable charms are far from easily discernible.

    Nikita Mirzani is something of a favourite on this blog. She is extremely attractive, and somewhat provocative, not only in the torrid sense but in the way she has stood up to the most UNattractive elements in Indonesian society.


    So as a sort of tribute to her, I have scavenged around Google to amass a random collection of clearer photos of the lovely lass.




    Besides, it’s December 1st and the party season begins – although for some of us it never truly ends- that looks like me, second from the left!




    And the good news is that she seems to have a fondness for us older fellows!

    Yet men of all ages can surely appreciate this stylish star! 


  • Our sincere thanks to Tribun Timur for giving us the uplifting news that Nikita Mirzani is showing off photos without clothes in her account on Instagram. The star of the horror movie “Grandma Scoop” has uploaded a picture of herself in the shower.
    “Having a great nite, enjoy my self with self treatment, it taste sooo good :)”     Nikita Mirzani Posting Fotonya Lagi Mandi dan Tanpa Busana di Instagram – Tribun Timur 
    Yes, tasty, to be sure!
    I should explain that Grandma Scoop is a very loose translation of Nenek Gayung, which refers to a rather unpleasant spectral oldster who uses a scoop (i.e. a utensil used for splashing water) during the local equivalent of a shower, namely a mandi, a process involving scooping water (usually quite cold) from a large concrete box onto one’s unclad body.
    You get used to it – the process, not the spectre!
    Anyway, enjoy!
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