Canada’s Enemy Deep Within – Un-Civil Servants Who Despise Democracy

One of the hall-marks of Canada’s British constitutional heritage is the concept of an impartial civil service, the requirement that government employees understand their duty is to implement the policies of the elected government. A pen-pusher in a ministry may dislike those policies, but tough!

His or her job is to get on with what the Prime Minister and Parliament elected by Canadians have chosen to enact.


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  • Any who can’t or won’t accept that responsibility are free to resign. And any who actively seek to subvert the elected government’s polices should be fired, without pension rights or any other perk or privilege – they are enemies of democracy.

And there seem to be a lot who need to be fired!

Here’s a US official expressing his shock, part of an email released by court order in the latest Clinton scandal.

“In my many years here I have never seen such open disloyalty with a change of administrations…”


The dynamic described in that email was on public display recently after the federal election, when employees at the foreign ministry cheered during a visit from their new Liberal bosses.

British readers may remember that the Foreign Office scum similary cheered, as did the ‘impartial’ BBC hacks, when Mrs. Thatcher was forced out of Downing Street.

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Sounds like the Ottawa rats-nest is no different.