Child-Killers Hang, Brussels In Mourning?

Great to see that even in Pakistan good things sometimes happen.

Pakistan Executes Four Involved in School Terrorist Attack

Attack on military-run school in Peshawar by Taliban members last year killed mostly children


  • These Islamist swine engaged in indiscriminate slaughter, adults or kids, their sectarian hate ensuring they spared nobody they could get at.

Decent people everywhere should applaud the Pakistanis today.

But we all know some who won’t.

  • EUSSR-Flag
  • The arrogant elite in Brussels. I haven’t located the official EUSSR statement on the well-deserved executions, but it’s a matter of record that EurocRats are adamant in their opposition to the death penalty no matter how heinous the crimes committed,

The evil Bali Bombers, the predators who rape and murder little kids…capital punishment? Brussels won’t hear of it.




Even here in Jakarta, as we’ve mentioned often enough, Cameron’s FCO flunkeys go to and fro, condescending sticky-beaks, doing Brussels bidding, interfering in Indonesian internal affairs, eager to save the skins of scum.

So well done, Pakistan.




Let’s hope lots more fiends suffer a similar fate.

And let’s pray European nations wake up and restore the death penalty..