IslamoNazis V Free Speech – Jakarta Cops Referee?

There are few more repulsive sectarians than Indonesia’s self-styled ‘Islam Defenders Front’ (FPI)

They are as infamous for their thuggery as for their cowardice. 




Jakarta’s police officers have more than once suffered vicious assault at their hands.. …so how disturbing to read the Jakarta Post report last week.

Bowing to pressure from the Islam Defenders Front (FPI), the Jakarta Police decided on Friday not to give the go-ahead for a discussion on terrorism scheduled for Saturday.


Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Mohammad Iqbal however, totally denies this!

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The event was a discussion on jihadism run by the Association of Journalists for Diversity’s (Sejuk)

  • Rather insightfully, Sejuk put up posters which depicted the Islamic State (IS) flag next to the FPI’s official logo. The white-shirt hoodlum outfit didn’t like this perceptive ad at all.

Why would they? Who cares?


  • iqbal Iqbal
  • But more to the point, why would the cops see fit to “facilitate a mediation between Sejuk and the FPI to prevent any possible security issues,” as Iqbal told the JP journo. He also claims that following the meeting, a deal was struck for the event to be dropped.

The obvious way, surely, to ‘prevent any security issues‘ is to authorise police on duty to use whatever means necessary, including their fire-arms, and deal with any Islamist louts aiming to interfere with free speech.

Only a day ago I praised Jakarta Police for shooting dead a scumbag who had it coming!Bravo, Polisi Jakarta! Tapi Jangan Malas Tembak Banyak Lagi! 

‘Mediation’ between decent people and known advocates of lawless violence…


fpi kill busddhist

…is inappropriate behaviour for serious law enforcement.

But the good guys have their own tale to tell – they say it WASN’T ‘mediation’ at all but blatant pressure to shut them down.
…Sejuk said that it was disappointed with the police force’s move, which it deemed to have failed to provide safety to the public and protect freedom of speech.  
“Sejuk is concerned that pressure and censorship of this sort will make the discussion of religion, an issue perceived to be sensitive, taboo and best avoided. Sejuk recognizes that law enforcement is more likely to censor discussions with themes that it perceives as sensitive..” 

  • censorship
  • And Sejuk member Andy Budiman has more to say “…we are disappointed that the police force could not guarantee that the event would be able to take place…”

Now back to Iqbal, who denied that the police had pressured Sejuk to cancel the event by making a thinly veiled threat that they could not guarantee the participants’ safety if the FPI decided to disrupt the discussion.

“As I have already said, the committee canceled the event on its own initiative,” he said.

Mutually contradictory. But worrying, because SOME police elements have shown overt sympathy with IslamoNazi hoods.


  • fpipradopo5 Pradopo, country’s top cop, takes tea with Islamonazi gang-leaders
  • ——————-
  • Former top cop Timur Pradopo was the worst example, though even back in 2004, the Monas Riot, police stood back and watched as gutless Islamist gangsters bloodied defenceless pro-tolerance demonstrators.

And there was this episode ..

“After the public statement by condemning the work and the FPI accused Manji as a lesbian, police and FPI ended the event. A later discussion was dissolved by Sunni hardliners in Yogyakarta, while the police did not take any action.”

My own particular ‘fave’ example of police irresponsibility was when cops handed over helpless orphans to the FPI and the equally unpleasant Hizbut Tahrir. Muslim School Burned by Angry Crowd – Police Enlist IslamoNazis to Counsel Kids! 

Something especially horrid about that, in my opinion.

Certainly several distinguished police officers have said good things on the issue of how to handle sectarian evil-doers…

National Police Chief Agrees to FPI Disbandment … – Tempo

but where’s the beef? IslamoNazis And Cops! Bleak Bekasi – But Bravo Jember! 

  • I love Indonesia, but I fear for its future.