No Xmas? No Way! Appeasement-Jerk Ousted Instead!

Northern League leader Matteo Salvini tried to phone Mr Parma on a radio show, warning that “cancelling traditions is a favour for terrorists”


“Just think how Isis is taking us for fools as they listen to us,” said the head of the anti-immigrant party, using one of the acronyms for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). Italians outraged after headmaster scraps Christmas carol concert following Paris attacks – Telegraph

But while we can rejoice at this victory, and at other occasional fightbacks by people not disposed to crawl, note well…

The controversy comes just days after a chain of nurseries in northern Tuscany decided not to set up a nativity scene for fear of offending non-Christian pupils and parents.

Why would anyone, seriously, be OFFENDED by a Nativity Scene? It’s part and parcel of an Italian December.



No tots in the nurseries would be required to kneel before it, or do anything, except maybe notice a scene that is pleasant to view.

Or else, like their parents, they are free to ignore it.

If any people ARE so easily offended by Italy’s cultural heritage, best the whiners sod off to somewhere else.