Not A Bad Night!

Hey, up early, despite an excellent evening of turkey, red wine and very pleasant people to talk to.

And although the ‘triple-whammy’ back West didn’t quite come to pass, two out of three good results – Denmark’s NO to the EUSSR….



…and what looks like a first-round win for both Le Pen ladies in France – give cause for cheer.

Only the Oldham result fell short of our hopes, but I did warn of this yesterday. Six thousand true Brits did cast their votes for UKIP, after all, and Labour’s majority was slashed.


Sunshine beckons, but no energetic pursuits today – there’s another party tomorrow, so battery-recharging is required.

  • agreenerchristmastree
  • And having purchased new lights for the tree, there’s another agreeable task to be tackled.