God V New York Daily News – Civilised Protests Shame Savages!

How often have we had to read about savage ignoramuses ‘offended’ by this or that perfectly legitimate behaviour by other people, and the risk of a violent hoodlum response on the part of the poor ‘offended’ morons?


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  • Now here below is an example of how CIVILISED people behave when offended –


It’s a petition from AFA. They are Christian activists who do a lot of good work on a lot of issues. That doesn’t mean I endorse all they say or do.

On this occasion, they are up in arms about a headline in the New York Daily News, which asserts that ‘God isn’t fixing this.

The NYDN was taking a media pot-shot at conservative Americans joining in prayers after the Islamist atrocity in California.

Typically, the hack behind the front page was exploiting innocent deaths to score points on gun legislation. One is used to that sort of gutter journalism.

But it’s the perceived challenge to God that has upset the AFA.

Personally, I’d have thought that even media pinkos would notice that, if any issue is highlighted by the mass-murder,  it is that of immigration, ineffectual vetting of primitives oozing into America.


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  • As for God, I have long had some questions about what He decides to fix or not fix.  Whacking all those Egyptian first-born, for example, never did make sense to me.
  • In any case, He is powerful enough to handle by Himself anything so puny as a pinko hack’s jibes.

My point is – the AFA show us, remind us, that when you’re offended, on behalf of God or for any other reason, you can react as civilised human beings – peaceful protest.


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  • Barbarous brutes who turn to violence and/or threats thereof should be subject to years of incarceration or deportation.