Jakarta Cable TV – Who’s Censoring ‘Threat Matrix?’

Partying Thursday night, partying tonight, so last night  it made sense to stay home and watch tv.

One of the many enjoyable action series available on my cable system is ‘Threat Matrix,’ basically Homeland Security versus terrorist scumbags, which generally has a satisfactory ending with said scumbags as dead as door-nails.

All-American, of course – it would be nice to have similarly righteous entertainment based on Brit, Oz or even French anti-terr operations. 


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  • Anyway, as I sprawled in my chair with thirst-quencher, pack of Bohem cigs and ashtray all within handy range, I noticed occasional audio-lapses.

Following the dialogues on the Indonesian text, I realised that somebody was engaged in deliberate censorship.

The two words repeatedly cut were none other than Jemaah Islamiyah and although I was  aware that they are an organisation dedicated to war on Western civilisation, I refreshed my memory by using wikipedia, viz. Jemaah Islamiah (Arabic: الجماعة الإسلامية , al-Jamāʿat ul-Islāmíyatu, meaning “Islamic Congregation”, frequently abbreviated JI)

Whilst doing so, in the knowledge that wikipedia on its own might not always be adequate in its background checks, I found this nice illustration…


A wanted poster released jointly by the Philippine military and the US embassy in Manila shows terrorist leaders wanted by authorities for murders. Photo: AP

……………and the link to a story about demonic characters involved with JI.  http://www.scmp.com/news/asia/article/1106228/philippine-police-shoot-malaysian-terror-suspect

So there we are.

However, I remain baffled by the censorship.

Indonesian authorities, President Jokowi, Police and parliamentarians, have all declared themselves absolutely opposed to terrorism, this country having suffered various outrages over the years, committed by evil people like the Bali Bomb Pigs.




Indonesia attacks blamed on Jemaah Islamiyah



Indonesia’s Densus 88, the special anti-terror unit, is doing a rather good job of taking out terrorists, much to the dismay of the unpleasant Islamist elements here.


 Jakarta Jihadis V Anti-Terror Cops – A ‘VEILED’ Threat?  

  • So why would the state censors deliberately blot out the name of one of the most swinish murder gangs? It makes no sense – even less since the Indonesian text gives the name clearly for all viewers to see for themselves!


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  • If it’s not the state body that’s guilty of this censorship, is it the cable company? Do all the cable companies here collaborate in this – rather incompetent – censorship? 

All very curious.

If anyone has answers, please advise.