Calais Curs/Soppy Suzi/ Vile Vigil/Crass Comparison!

What an offensive thing to say!


The Calais refugees know how Parisiens are suffering

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Have left-liberals no shame, no conscience, not a glimmer of decency whatsoever?

Maybe some do, but what about this pinko bint named Suzanne Harrington, who scribbles a tear-jerker about the Jungle jerks staging a hypocritical ‘vigil’ to mark the Paris murders – a neat stunt obviously organised for propaganda purposes…



….and then she brazenly equates Calais’s arrogant ingrates with the decent people targetted by terrorists in France’s capital?

The Calais refugees know how Parisiens are suffering?





A hundred-plus dead innocents, scores more grievously wounded, slaughtered by satanic alien scum – that was Paris last month.

Six thousand parasites, illegally encamped entirely by their own choosing, making regular vicious forays against truckers, tourists and police – that’s Calais today.


This Harrington woman surely cannot have any serious training in investigative journalism, because she simply swallows all the lies the spongers spin.

The Calais camp – and the Greek Islands, and Lampadusa, and all the other frontline EU borders where the desperate boatloads are landing….

INCLUDING THIS BOAT? Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard, police say …  REMEMBER?

….- is full of people whose innocent ordinary lives have been destroyed by terrorism, both state-sponsored and freelance.

Who told her that? Where’s her evidence? Only the lying layabouts themselves!


Whereas, if Harrington were remotely interested in the truth, she’d be aware that the…

“…chief of an Islamic charity is set to pull the plug on aid to the Calais‘Jungle’ camp after discovering most people there are economic migrants..

Most men in the Calais camp ‘aren’t refugees’ – PressReader

Calais crimmigrants ‘innocent, ordinary…?


‘In terms of the mix of people who are seeking to make that journey, our estimate is that the majority of those are probably economic migrants, rather than those who are fleeing persecution or some sort of civil conflict.

Calais crimmigrants- ‘innocent, ordinary?’

Then she herself resorts to outrageous lies.

Or is she just pig-ignorant?

Nobody – NOBODY – puts their children in a dangerously overcrowded boat unless it is safer than remaining on dry land.


Even the leftist BBC, as well as other media, has shown all of us newsreels galore of the swine embarking in Turkey, not a hint of danger on the beach or in the background, long since left Syria, loading their brats aboard their boats, mendacious missions to leech off Europe’s unlucky tax-payers.

But Suzi musta missed that..

Nobody – NOBODY – chooses life in a hellhole like the Calais Jungle unless their own lives – jobs, infrastructure, hopes, dreams, futures – has not been blasted to rubble, along with their loved ones, family members, communities.




The Jungle savages DID choose Calais, when they could have claimed asylum in any of the safe lands they trespassed through, and of course could still claim asylum there in France itself, this very day…except that they are only eligible if they can prove they are refugees – which, as noted above, they are NOT.

All that brings them and anchors them in Calais is their awareness that UK welfare troughs are fuller.


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