Calais Pool Protects Citizens from Predators, So ‘Rights’ Rats Rant!

 Even Guardian Can’t MissCalais Crimmigrant Rape Menace! 


Refugees ‘barred’ from French swimming pool

One’s immediate response to that headline is to ask why the editor misplaced the inverted commas!

There are NO refugees in Calais. The Jungle savages are in a safe country and haven’t applied for ‘asylum.’ To describe somebody seeking illegally to leave one safe country for another as a ‘refugee’ is to make a joke of the status.



However, there are plenty of rapists, thugs, liars and other sorts of undesirables, and any swimming pool management in its right mind would do all it could to safeguard decent citizens from proximity to such vermin.

Anyone who wants to visit the pool, located around 20 minutes walk from the squalid Jungle camp, must now show an identity card and proof of address, which the vast majority of refugees do not have.

That’s not just the moral thing to do, it’s also commercial common-sense!

The pool would soon have no customers, except predatory ‘refugees!’ No sane Frenchman would take his wife or daughters swimming at a pool that puts them at risk of molestation by evil aliens.

hands off

Hell, if backward brutes can’t handle the sight of school-girls in normal clothing – German Girls Forced Into Shariah Dress-Code By Sex-Pest Syrian Ingrates! – they’d turn into wild beasts if exposed to the traumatic sight of women in swim-suits.

But at once the ‘rights’ rats commence a-ranting about ‘discrimination!’

Changing the conditions of access is “a discriminatory offence that only targets a population already highly stigmatized,” said Claire Rodier from immigrant support group Gisti.

What a dumbo bint!

She should be made to spend a few nights unchaperoned among the crimmigrants.

Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

The swine are ‘stigmatised’ because of their swinish conduct, rapine, violence and other infamous criminalities, displayed over and over again in their defiance of the border rules which every honest citizen of every nationality is obliged to obey.

‘Stigmatised?’ They should be shot next time they run amok!

In a letter sent to the French prosecutor and to France’s top independent rights body the Defenseur des droits, 19 rights groups and aid associations, including Amnesty International, denounced “the racial discrimination” behind the move.

They demanded authorities investigate the legality of the measure that is “manifestly discriminatory and clearly contrary to law.”

That doughty dame who serves Calais as Maire has, as usual, spoken up for sound sense.  

  • —-====
    • Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart speaks to the press outside …
       Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart
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She says the measure was taken under the ongoing state of emergency in France to target “people whose identity we don’t know.”

Frankly, it should have been taken a long time ago, because ‘The Jungle’ menace is no mere reflection of the recent atrocities in Paris.

Meanwhile, the sheer crass offensive stupidity of the ‘rights’ ranters comes shining through from another pinko twit, Jean-Pierre Alaux, also a spokesman for those Gisti jerks. 


“Over the last 15 years we have seen bars and shops block foreigners from entering and library did the same,” he shrilled, defending the leftists’ latest lobbying for crimmigrants.

“There have been many scandalous incidents here and we had to try to do something!”

Mais oui, Monsieur!

Many scandalous incidents indeed, like those last month, and at the Charlie Hebdo office, and in Toulouse.

Unwanted packs of primitives merit confinement, not solicitous sympathy.