Dearborn Muslims Rally For Peace- Where Were They In 2012?

Nice to see on CNN just half an hour ago that about 100 Muslms in Dearborn demonstrated against ISIS, telling us they were for ‘peace.’

SO the question arises – where were they three years ago…


It Can’t Happen Here? Michigan or West Java? 

…when an IslamoNazi rabble assailed a handful of Christians merely for evangelist preaching at an Arab Festival?

The local cops displayed disgusting cowardice – and/or collaborationism.

But those keystone crapsters got their come-uppance not long ago.

A court held the city authorities to account for grotesque derelicion of duty in not only refusing point-blank to uphold the Christians’ civil rights that day but in fact menacing the victims of the mob with threats of arrest.

Craven Cops Slapped Down – Rare Win for USA Free Speech! 

So we have to ask again- where were this week’s ‘pro-peace’ Muslim demonstrators when a rabid rabble of their co-religionists terrorised the tiny band of genuinely peaceful Christians in 2012?