Pakistan Soaks Up Cash, Won’t Take Back Trash

So the Pakistanis won’t take back phoney ‘refugees’ deported from Europe? Pakistan blocks 30 migrants deported from Greece

How many millions,or is it billions, of European aid money has been dished out to this grasping, beggar nation?
But they won’t take back their own trash?
Not a penny more!
No doubt the uppity tykes in Islamabad reckon they can jump aboard the Turkish band-wagon and squeeze more cash from civilised countries as the price of shouldering a responsibility that is theirs and their alone.
How low will Brussels bow?
We know full well what kind of place Pakistan is.
As we said before about Turkey, Ankara’s arrogance should be challenged and confronted. A ban on every Turk entering Europe, arms and assistance to the Kurdish PKK, blockading the enemy’s sea and land frontiers…okay!
But Pakistan is too far to handle similarly, so a simple step – end the aid – would send a similar message.