Segregated ‘Integration’ Classes! An Asinine Austrian Approach!



Social Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer said that he thought that at the beginning of the integration process it was acceptable to have single sex courses for refugees from the Middle East but that it “must be made very clear that life here is different.”


Hundsdorfer -don’t know about you, but he scares me just a tad!


So this Socialist government minister, a colleague of that dreadful sell-out Faymann…Britannia Exemplary V Schweinehund in Wienerwald! …sees no problem with allowing sexist savages imported from backward lands at once to continue practicing their sorry segregationist customs in a civilised Western country like Austria?

What a damned disgrace!

They should have it made clear to them as soon as they cross the border that such ignoramus attitudes will not be tolerated. And if they don’t like it, there’s the border – get the hell back across it!

Happily, the regime’s pandering to primitives has been called out  – and by another government minister, no less!


  • Kurz slams single sex courses for refugees

Sebastian Kurz


Perhaps significantly, Sebastian Kurz comes from the other party in the coalition government, the OVP, sometimes called ‘conservatives’ but rarely notable for their conservatism.

Kurz, however, seems to have some grit.

He has asserted that it is a “big mistake” and “absurd” to separate men and women from Middle Eastern countries. He added that the move goes against Austria’s fundamental values and sends the wrong message to refugees.

Did he really call these people ‘refugees?’ Smarten up, Herr Kurz!

“If we let this happen, it becomes harder later on to explain why this isn’t part of the culture here.” 


And the excuse from one of the apparatchiks running the courses, that Mid-East women’s work experience is different from that of men, should be kicked off the park. Women raised in a cess-pool ideology that includes polygamy and head-shrouding of course have a different work experience.

The whole point of ‘integration” is to deliver them from such benighted bunkum. Anything else is not integration at all, but multicult.




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