Are These Pinko Crack-Pots High on Coke?

Modern Coke ad. Nice girl…but oh, no, she’s WHITE!


In an ad distributed by Coca-Cola Mexico, pretty, young white people do their holiday good deed by bringing bottles of soda to a remote village and build a wooden Christmas tree in the town square.


A nice old Coke ad, when the world wasn’t infested with uptights, and Coca Cola was a decent company deserving of respect

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  • It’s an increasingly odd world we live in.
  • Young folk showing generosity, at Christmas or any other time of year, to those less well-off than themselves, even if only by handing out fizzy drinks, is an image surely laudable.

Good deeds are by definition praiseworthy, yes?





Course not, for this is the 21st Century, when whining PC ratbags rule the (air)waves!

Oh, and write the stories, and top off their engrained bias with ludicrously slanted headlines.


Coca-Cola Pulls Offensive Ad, but the Damage Is Already Done

And who the heck is Samantha Cowan, and who’s the sloppy editor, who failed to put inverted commas round the word ‘offensive,’ when most normal people would not for a nano-second deem the advertisement remotely offensive?

(I undertook a brief search and found that Samantha’s role in is to cover culture’s intersection with social justice, LGBT rights and women’s rights around the world, and the occasional cute animal.

Oh, how surprising!

And  is ‘a digital news & lifestyle magazine and social action platform for the conscious consumer’ – sounds like ‘discrimination’ against us comatose consumers, yeah?)

But back to their headline.

NO ‘damage‘ has been done, has it? Sadly, it seems it has!

Doing good is VERY bad, and you comatose consumers should have realised that, as soon as you spotted the obscene adjective attached to those repulsive do-gooders.


Hasil gambar untuk white christmas

Posthumous ban due for Bing?



The “Open Your Heart” advertisement has been called anything but, as indigenous rights’ groups said the campaign promoted colonialism rather than unity.” Elvira Pablo, an indigenous lawyer

One assumes these people are mentally ill in some way, an assumption reinforced by the incandescent Indian lawyer’s next outburst. 

This type of publicity is an act of discrimination and racism.”

..Pablo and other activists said the ad “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate.” 




What a pack of priggish prats.

Somebody comes along and hands out free drinks down my street, especially cute gals, you won’t hear me – or, I’d wager, any of my non-occidental neighbours (I’m the only Westerner in the vicinity) – whining and shrilling and bleating about cr#p like stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate.”

 We’d behave like normal human beings and say thanks. As, I suspect, would those Mexican Indians, except for Pinko Pablo and his lefty comrades.

Pathetically, Coke has cringed and cowered from the pukes’ protests.

“Our intention was never to be insensitive to or underestimate any indigenous group,” a Coca-Cola spokesperson said…“We have now removed the video and apologize to anyone who may have been offended.”.

The Alliance for Food Health has filed an official complaint with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination.

I have no time for Coca Cola, and make a point of buying a locally produced brand here in Jakarta. Coke is run by such ideologically dodgy creatures these days –  Canada – Bohemian Buggers’ Bank Escalates Gaystapo Aggression! that you’d think would treat them fondly. 

But this strange story, and the pinkos who published it in such a slanted way, would almost make me feel sorry for Coke – if they hadn’t buckled instantly to the tiresome shrills orchestrating the nonsense.