Viva Venezuela!

Haven’t given due attention to Marine Le Pen’s successes across France, simply because I’m waiting for the second round of elections on Sunday, but mustn’t overlook a more distant vindication of the democratic process, that in Venezuela, where power to the people – or back to the people – came a step closer this week.

Not only did the coalition of anti-communist parties win the parliamentary election there, but it’s now confirmed they have a two-thirds majority, which gives them even greater leverage against the red regime which has just about bankrupted the country.

It won’t be easy to dislodge the heirs of the late and unlamented Comrade Chavez..

Viva Maria! Don’t Forget Venezuela’s Red Terror! 

. …but we must wish the forces of freedom well.


chavez_castro488 Chavez and Castro, twin red foes of liberty


As for the regime’s allies in Havana, I suppose Obama’s buddies there will be even more resolute in resisting democracy in Cuba. They know that free and fair elections would consign the Castro despotism to the dustbin of history.

Again, one can only hope – and hope also that the next American President, whoever he is, will roll back the sell-out policies embracd by the current occupant of the White House.