IslamoNazi Durex Jihad! No Year’s End Happy Endings?

 After our treatise on Islamist loathing of romance…

Love At The Mosque? Islamists Infuriated! 

… it seems the IslamoNazi FPI in Makassar are to launch a crusade against condoms!

Sejumlah massa dari Front Pembela Islam (FPI) melakukan aksi di depan Gedung Mahkaman Konstitusi (MK), Jakarta, Rabu (27/1). brave IslamoNazi raiders, hiding behind masks


Sorry, ‘crusade’ is not exactly a fitting word – how about a ‘Durex Jihad?’

The report comes from an Indonesian-language site I know nothing about, but whoever runs it clearly has a sense of humour, a useful attribute when handling the rabid ravings of the white-shirt thug gang.

If, next year, Makassar, in South Sulawesi, experiences a baby boom or there are many who contract venereal diseases, it seems we can highlight a group calling itself the Islamic Defenders Front of South Sulawesi, as the cause.

And their infantile bigotry comes in the form of a special Hogmanay outing, some 500 sectarian bullies determined to combat extra-marital sex (zina) on New Year’s Eve by means of… raiding pharmacies.



Yes, it’s that man again, Abu Thoriq, local FPI gang spokesman, who says  –      

“We have received a report that ahead of New Year’s Eve, demand for condoms increases….

Oh yeah?

“So, Insya Allah, starting on 25-30th inst., ahead of New Year, 500 FPI members are to be unleashed, to monitor and raid pharmacies that deliberately sell such filthy goods!”

Filthy goods?  I felt obliged to double-check the original, and yes, ‘jorok,’ ‘filthy,’ was the word he used…

Thing is, if Angry Abu doesn’t like condoms, okay, nobody wants to make him use them.

If other people want to buy, sell or use them, it’s none of this uptight prig’s business, nor his swarm of louts.  

If Indonesia had more interesting gun laws, those victimised pharmacists would be able, and absolutely entitled, to take out any hoodlums who burst into their premises intent on theft or vandalism of any of their stock.



That would be worth an extra-strenuous New Year celebration.

The Indonesian author of the piece makes the obvious criticism of the moronic mayhem plan  –

Given the reality that condoms are medical devices associated with contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, one would think almost all pharmacies sell condoms, yeah?. So they’ll just continue raiding everything, right?   

But of course, sir! That’s how they get their kicks, since they don’t like fun.

I note from another link  ( that Angry Abu’s intolerants have a busy holiday season ahead of them.


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No happy endings at this year’s end, it seems, if killjoy creeps are determined to have their wicked way!