Climate Censorship – BBC Takes Its Cue From Stalin!

Remember that famous Communist example of simply erasing inconvenient people from  official records – Trotksy air-brushed from the photo of CP stalwarts?


Lenin addressing the troops, Trotsky photoshopped out


Heck, Stalin eventually ‘air-brushed’ Trotsky from the face of the earth, by means of an ice-pick in the skull, but that’s another story.

What concerns people interested in freedom and fairness this week is how the Pravda-clone BBC has followed the Soviet example by not merely grovelling to the climate-panic pack but actually making a whole video disappear from its available archives, denying the world access to material which featured critics of the ‘global warming’ alarmists!



  • The BBC officially apologised in October, admitting that the show failed to make clear that sceptics represent a ‘minority’ that is ‘out-of-step with scientific consensus.’

Now, in an alarming development, the BBC has deleted the programme from its internet archive.

  • Hasil gambar untuk global warming panic
  • The alarmists’ outrageously expensive knees-up in Paris this month was somewhat elbowed off front pages by Mr. Trump, yet even so, we’ve had to watch more than enough of utterly uncritical BBC reports of their ranting and raving.

But objective coverage of the other side of the  debate?





Some media do, from time to time, let us hear both sides, but not the UK state broadcasting agency.

This fear of dissenters’ arguments tends to confirm the Panic Pack are running scared!