Get Gazza! PC Gestapo, The Evil Intolerance of Modern Britain!

…community activist Desmond Jaddoo, a leading West Midlands campaigner for Afro-Caribbean rights, has welcomed police involvement.

“A hate crime is a hate crime,” he said. “Anything that puts someone down because of their race, colour or creed is a hate crime. Go into any police station and look at the posters and they will tell you that.”

DesmondJaddoo Desmond of the Delicate Sensitivities


So what’s this arrogant authoritarian clown ranting about?

Have hooded Klansmen burnt a fiery cross on his lawn?


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Some nutter been out daubing hate symbols on public buildings?


Hammer_sickle_svastika hate symbols


  • Hell, no, we’re facing a REAL outrage!

That notorious figure Paul Gascoigne told a joke!

And in Merry England these days, that’s put Gazza at the centre of a “hate crime” police investigation, it has been revealed.



The former England soccer hero has taken to the stage, and was a recent turn at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, starring in ‘An Audience With Paul Gascoigne.’

His show-biz fun ended abruptly when, in jocular fashion, he told a black security guard, standing against a black background: “If you weren’t smiling, I wouldn’t be able to see you.”

And that mildly funny remark, in no way offensive to any normal person of any colour, has been enough, in the UK in 2015, to unleash the PC gestapo – aka West MIdlands Police – to the evident delight of the uptight Grimnasty, aka ‘community activist’ (does he not have a real job?) Jaddoo.

“He has allegedly belittled someone because of their colour and that is unacceptable…”

Well, no he didn’t. There is nothing belittling about that harmless jest.

Except to bitter freakos like Jaddou. “If I was in the audience, I would have certainly been offended.”

What is TRULY OFFENSIVE is the way British people are being cowed and harassed for having a sense of humour.


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  • Jaddoo, and all the shrill cry-babies like him, are immensely un-British, not because of their ethnic origins, but because they are priggish prats, revelling in their intolerance.