Matahari, Alexa Michiko and Nasi Goreng Bacon!

Nasi Goreng Sosis

nasi goreng sausage (no photo of the bacon version as I ate it too quickly)


Sunshine, dangdut and nasi goreng bacon!

The breakfast was provided by my imminently departing visitor, the matahari (sun) by Mother Nature and the dangdut by the cable tv channel Dangdut Keliling, which this morning featured not only the yummy hostess Michiko Alexa…



… but also a comely pair calling themselves the Duo Cici…alas, I can’t find a photo of those two little cuties, so you’ll need to be satisfied with Alexa – who wouldn’t be!?!

On reflection, and by way of compensation, I offer photos of some other charming pairs (take that any way you like!)


Duo Serigala


Duo Racun


And as a further contribution to your remaining weekend fun, there’s a link to a YouTube performance by the DR!

Not a bad way to start another pleasant Sunday, and as I have no plans to do much today, there’s no reason to think the rest of the day will be any less agreeable.

But this is Jakarta, and you never know what’s going to happen next – that’s one of the many joys of residence in the Big Durian.

So I’m going to take it easy for a while, no particular place to go, except maybe seek out the tukang gado2 for a late lunch – still stuffed from that big brek – but otherwise save my energies for the run-up to Xmas!


Just realised my cigarette supply is running low – so an outing IS required…



…but first, a post-prandial nap…