Another Cop Cave-In To IslamoNazi Thug Gang?



Hard to believe, even when it’s published in such a reliable source as the fanatic Islamist website, but I’ve checked other Indonesian news media and can’t see any denials.

Despite their desperate efforts to Arabise this lovely archipelago, the IslamoNazi thug gang that styles itself the “Islam Defenders’ Front” (FPI) has managed to get a New Year’s Party night in a Surabaya hotel shut down.

The reason? It was advertised as an ‘Arabian Night’ and featured traditional Arab entertainment – a belly dancer!

As it happens, one of the parties I have attended so far this month had a belly-dancer as part of the fun. She was most attractive, not at all naughty (alas!)

Since some readers may not have been lucky enough to have enjoyed the spectacle, I use that possibility as an excuse to illustrate my post.



The dancer at my party was dressed less stunningly than the exquisite lady above, but we all enjoyed her shimmying shaking performance.

As normal people do.

So much that here’s another photo, just for fun.



Anyway – the villain of the story is a grumpy  grimnasty called Habib Mahdi, Gauleiter of the FPI Surabaya.

He explained his grumpiness to eager listeners –

It is a celebration of the New Year but the name ‘Arabian’ has SARA potential.. “(SARA is the Indonesian acronym for problems between ethnic groups)  “Moreover, it included entertainment in the form of belly dancing! ”

Well, we knew these FPI white-shirts are killjoy creeps. But we also knew of their Arabisation agenda. Now we know that their enthusiasm for the  Arab world extends only to its  unpleasant aspects!

 The rejection was due to the New Year celebration being themed Arabian Night, deemed to contain elements of racial intolerance and immorality.

So Happy Habib and his Merry Men reported the hotel to the police.

End of story, you’d think. No responsible police officers would give the time of day to such an irrational outburst from backward clowns.

Wrong, according to Hidayatullah. com.,which quotes Habib again.

“Thank God, on the basis of our protest letter, the event planned to be held on New Year’s Eve has had its permit been revoked by the police,” he said. *