Brits On Wine-Trips? Take A Xmas Treat To Those Calais Cops!

Maybe it’s not such a popular Pre-Xmas activity, given the pestilence clouding Calais these days…


…but in times past, I recall that lots of us would take a day-trip to Calais and stock up on vin rouge etc., for our festive fun. A glance at a recent Guardian tells me there’s still some enthusiasm among Brits… 

Vans full of vin: why the booze cruise is back

I’ve just been reading about nauseating leftists supplying provisions to the crimmigrant swarm there, so how about this idea, not only seasonally benevolent in itself…
…but a timely gesture of solidarity between two nations facing a common savage foe?

If you go across the Channel, take a Christmas Hamper, or even just a small token gift, chocolates or a bottle…or something like this!

Hasil gambar untuk french xmas cards


…and check it in at the Calais Police HQ, with a note expressing your sympathy and support for their lads and lasses who have suffered both insult and injury at the hands of the Jungle scum?