Pesta Sex Di Jakarta? Mana Mungkin!

It’s taken me most of this quiet day to recover from what was planned as a couple of hours with a friend for a few beers but ended four pitchers of Heineken later.

  • Hasil gambar untuk beer drinking meme
  • Recuperation has been facilitated by a hilarious story in this rainy arvo, about how Jakarta has been ‘startled by a poster!’

Yeah, some people here are easily startled, but this time it not only featured ‘bikini-clad women’ (good start, if not startling!) but news of of the event at which these delights might be encountered.




It was apparently a ‘sex party, clearly displayed on the poster,‘ which quoted ticket prices thereto at a mere Rp. 2.2 million, which is about two hundred bucks, a little more or less depending whether your bucks are Aussie or USD.

Intrigued, though not yet startled, I read on, and learned that the venue was one of Jakarta’s poshest hotels, where I have actually attended more than one party myself, though, I have to admit, those were not, in any shape or form, ‘sex parties.’

Mind you, in this interesting archipelago, different ideas exist of what constitutes a ‘startling’ party.

We had a load of hogwash a year ago about such a knees-up, which turned out only to be a bikini party.

Even Jakarta’s normally sensible Governor Ahok talked nonsense about it.

”Outrageous” Activity in Jakarta Pools? OMG – BIKINIS! 

“No, they can’t hold a bikini party. They could get arrested. There’s a regulation governing that. You can wear bikini at Ancol [beach], as you swim….”


  • ahok
  • ” But if you go to a party dressed in a bikini, it’s outrageous.”
  • ————————————
  • And of course Islamist nut-cases were even higher up in arms, as if Muslims are forbidden to look attractive.
  • I attempted then to dispel Islamophobia by showing this photo of the former Miss America, a lovely Muslim lady, Rima Fakeh, just to emphasise how splendidly bikinis enhance the female form..
  • —-
  • ——————
  • However, this time the ‘startling’ poster was fairly explicit. It read –
  • Like My Style? Sex Party Breaking Seal.
  • But although the date announced is only days away, on Christmas Eve, I wouldn’t, if I were you, be rushing out to slap $200 into somebody’s sweaty paw.
  • Nor am I going to name the hotel or the alleged sponsors, whom you can see for yourselves on the linked story.
  • Because I don’t think it’s going to happen.
  • tried to call the contact number listed on the poster. However, when contacted, the number is not active.
  • Never mind.