Sarawak – Turkeys Delight In Creeping Shariah?

“When you allow repeated affronts, when the government allows public servants and instigators to continue to disrespect and have contempt for non-Muslims, it all feeds into the backdrop of fear we’re seeing across the country,” says Stephen, a volunteer church worker.

What does he want for Christmas? “More cheer and less fear in the New Year.”

That’s the tail-end of an article on how Christians in Malaysia face ever-fiercer Islamist intolerance, one of the worst examples being demands for removal of a cross  – from a church!




A mob of bigoted ignoramuses imposed their will on a small congregation because they believed the cross, one of the central symbols of Christianity, posed a challenge to Islam and could sway the faith of young people..   Malaysia orders probe after protest…

Those last half-dozen words exemplify the paranoid insecurity – deep doubts about their hold on their flock – that motivates fanatics to target Christians or even Muslim dissenters.

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It’s sad to see that the incident occurred not in some benighted backwoods dump but in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city.

But this month again we see news of further nasty sectarianism, the use of the country’s goods and services tax to price traditional Christmas turkey fare off the tables of ordinary Malaysians in Sarawak this festive season.



“Last year, turkey was left out because of ‘technical problems’. Now it’s left out because of supply and demand. “What will be the excuse next year?”.

You can read the whole story via the link.

But after all that’s happened in recent years, it’s a pretty clear affirmation that what we have called ‘creeping shariah’ is now trotting along at a powerful pace.

I hope Christians spare a thought for those thus discriminated against, and look to the brave people of all creeds here in Indonesia to guard against any intensification of the sectarianism we have seen on the rise in this beautiful country. 

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