Let’s Grant The Calais Crimmigrants’ Christmas Wish!

Having another rest day – I fell asleep early last night, and I didn’t wake till 9.30am!


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  • Now I’m awaiting a visitor to share a somewhat late brunch –  but I’ll be out again tomorrow.

So I’ve been catching up on the news from back West, where filthy Jungle savages have been running amok once more.




PICTURED:Shocking moment migrant armed with hammer

  • It was taken as hundreds of migrants “armed with iron bars and … Locals in Calais went online on Thursday afternoon to warn people to stay in …
MIGRANTS in Calais are over-running French police as they now outnumber … Riot police are battling to cope with more than 7,000 migrants ..
civilised man v savage
shoot terrs

Ludicrously, the French authorities are still bent on ENCOURAGING these foul swine to stay there, by spending tax-payers’ money to accommodate even more alien parasites. Calais prepares its newest migrant camp

It’s time to enter into the Christmas spirit, surely?




Only a week ago, I happened upon a report in The Local, viz.

Calais refugees sellwish we weren’t herecards



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  • Let’s grant them their wish!