Cameron Planning Action Re-Play of 1975 Dirty Tricks?

Who needs a Christmas Pantomime, when we have Casty’s Flying Circus to entertain us?

The blustering ‘Battling for Britain’ rhetoric surely has nobody fooled. Cameron abandoned most of the key demands ages hence, and is now down to waffling over how long can Euro-migrants hang about the UK before they get benefits.

No border controls, no parliamentary control over Brussels diktats, no clipping of the ECJ’s wings…


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  • …his emptiness goes on and on, yet somehow he expects us to think he’s Churchill Reincarnate.

Meanwhile, revelations of more dirty tricks, an action replay of that propaganda blitz that surely skewed the outcome of the 1975 referendum. You will recall, if you’re old enough, that there were then, as now, official ‘yes’ and official ‘no’ campaign groups.


EU - referendum vote


Each was allotted mailing rights to give voters a balanced basis on which to make their decision. Both sides naturally bombarded the electorate with facts, figures and arguments to woo the undecideds and bolster commitment among any wavering supporters.

Fair fight? Maybe, EXCEPT that the in-crowd feared fair play.

The Government tilted the scales with an EXTRA pro-Brussels brochure – a final push which may well have made the difference.

Forty years is no twinkling of an eye, so it occurred to me to check out that episode, and lo…Cameron’s dirty tricks move, reported as news this past week, was predicted SIX MONTHS ago, in the Guardian no less.!  


He will be copying Wilson’s tactics in 1975 when a leaflet through every door greatly extended the yes vote’s clout, at least in the eyes of no campaigners like young Jack Straw, then adviser to dissident minister Barbara Castle.



Whatever its impact, it was a scandalous move that demolished all pretensions to impartial administration of the democratic process.

And here we go again! 

Desperate Cameron to send ‘pro-EU document to EVERY British Family 

The document will explain “why we need to stay in the EU” by outlining “the benefits” of David Cameron’s planned reforms…

But fear not!



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  • BTW, I see some lying toads are still seeking to adduce Winston as a Europhile, when he made it clear that his ideas on a ‘European union’ were predicated on that putative entity being a partner of the UK, not the UK being a part of it.

Meanwhile, the Bruges Group has produced a useful little book for freedom fighters, those promoting the OUT cause in the referendum.







Tackling the EU Empire
A handbook for Europe’s democrats, whether on the political Right, Left or Centre
Basic critical facts on the EU/Eurozone

Professor Anthony Coughlan of Trinity College Dublin and TEAM the international alliance of EU-critical movements

Readers are invited to use or adapt this document for their own purposes, including changing its title if desired, and to circulate it to others without any need of reference to or acknowledgement of its source. People circulating it to others might consider adding an addendum outlining their own country’s experience of the EU/Eurozone.

Click here to read the research online

The glory of European civilisation has been the diversity of its national components – in culture, science, political institutions, economic actors, legal systems, education systems, tax codes, fashion. In classical Europe emulation and competition between nations, communities and individuals spurred creativity and innovation. The peak of Europe’s cultural achievements occurred when its political units were numerous and small – in Athenian Greece, Renaissance Italy, 17th century Netherlands, 18th century Germany. This classical Europe, which is synonymous with much of what is best in human civilization, is the opposite of the centralised “Europe” of the Brussels bureaucracy, with its mania for imposing uniformity and “harmonization” by means of its supranational laws.

The EU is a Supranational political construct. Supranationalism is the opposite of internationalism, which is a benign and progressive concept. Internationalism – from Latin inter, “between” – implies the pre-existence of sovereign Nation States. It refers to relations of co-operation between the States that constitute the international community, but with each controlling and deciding its own domestic and external affairs in accordance with the wishes of its people. Recognition of States based on the right to self-determination of nations and peoples is a basic principle of modern democracy and international law.

Supranationalism, in contrast to internationalism, implies a hierarchy, with the supranational level on top. Internationalism implies legal and political equality between the parties. Properly understood, internationalism is opposed to all forms of chauvinism and xenophobia. It implies coexistence among progressive “nationalisms” – that is, broad nationalisms rather than narrow, using the positive rather than the negative sense of that word in English. It implies patriotism and love of country, combined with respect for the many national communities into which humanity is divided and admiration for their varied cultural and other achievements.

Internationalism delights in the diversity of nations. Supranationalism seeks to erode national differences and seeks the erosion of State sovereignty. Internationalism seeks to establish and maintain it. Supranationalism means rule by technocrats, supposed experts who are not elected, without democratic control. The EU Commission is a good example. Supranationalism leaves ordinary people cold. In the EU it means “Brussels talking to Brussels” as the elite groups concerned get ever more removed from citizens and voters in the different national communities they come from.