Haute Cuisine for Jungle Hoodlums?

 I have no time for that prissy little cook Jamie Oliver…

Politicians should ignore celebrities who want a nanny-state...the state, he thinks, should “frankly, act like a parent” Jamie Oliver is a patronising bully and he can stick his sugar tax


Reckon what I whipped up here at home this Christmas –  –  was likely more enjoyable than his fancy-pants fare.

Now I have to read that he congratulated one of his disciples, former drug dealer Jai Harrower, 24, who decided to give aid and comfort to the rabble in Calais, preparing a gourmet meal of vegetable soup, couscous and bread.  http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/629323/Christmas-Calais-dinner-Jamie-Oliver-chef-10-tonnes-presents

“I want to inspire hope in others,” says Harrower. 

That is outrageous.

Responsible citizens should do all in their power to inspire DESPAIR in queue-jumping crimmigrants, dispelling their ‘hope’ to transfer their scenes of mob violence and rapine from France to the UK, illegally.

Calais Women ‘Take Turns Staying Awake In Case Someone Attacks!’ 

16 French police hurt in clash with Calais migrants


  • They have no right to gate-crash borders, since they are not ‘refugees,’ by any definition, having passed through many safe countries to reach Calais, which itself is located in a safe country, where again they refuse to apply for ‘asylum.’


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  • The arrogant swine are simply demanding access to the British benefits system, which insanely pours largesse into trough after trough, regardless of the burden thus placed on British tax-payers.

Not that collaborationist ratbags are a phenomenon unique to Britain. 

French charity Secours Populaire dropped off 10 tonnes of presents for children and adults in Calais on Monday, which include clothes, boots, painting and educational material.


Those boots could come in very handy when the louts bring down some poor French cop, or Brit trucker, and kick his head in….


Truck Driver Tells The Truth About Immigrant Thugs