Gaystapo Crucifies Doctor – Boston Media Cover-Up Witch-Hunt!

Both major Boston newspapers initially had a reporter looking into this, only to have it “killed” by someone higher up. Not even Boston’s “conservative” talk radio station, WRKO-AM, would touch it.


Dr. Paul Church – The hospital never disputed the truth of Dr. Church’s statements. Nor did they claim that he ever discussed this with patients or treated them differently

The shameful persecution of Dr. Paul Church has resulted in his crucifixion by the bosses of BIDMC Hospital in Boston, where he had done sterling medical work for years.

The Board of Directors, cowering before a campaign by gaystapo agitators and their collaborators, has finally rejected his appeal against dismissal – his ‘crime’ being to warn of risks to public health arising from aberrant sexual practices.



Gaystapo Claims Another Victim – Cover-Up On Witch-Hunt Report – Sign the Petition! 

  • We’ve covered his ordeal before, so you can check the link to refresh your memories. Note the enemies of freedom kept the internal report from public scrutiny. 

But what is new to our pages is the craven silence, amounting to a cover-up, by Boston’s media, about a shocking scandal in their own city.

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  • Much of the media on the Western world is brazenly biased on these matters, but simply to spike a story is a new nadir.

Pity Bostonians, who have no free press to read in the morning.