Bagus! Djoko Sasono – An Exemplary Bureaucrat in Jakarta!

Jakarta. The Transport Ministry’s director general for land transportation, Djoko Saksono, unexpectedly resigned on Saturday over his failure to prevent traffic chaos in the Greater Jakarta area at the start of the Christmas and New Year holiday season in the past week….


…Djoko told a press conference that he had to take responsibility and that he would provide more details later.

What a damn fine chap!

Though why the JG spells his name differently from that which he himself sports on his name-badge in the photo, I have no idea.

I did my best last week to avoid going into town except to celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, as reported. My journeys were by busway, and that took me less time than usual, because a lot of people were out of town.

But their departure from town made the toll roads a nightmare prior to the actual holidays.



this ain’t last week’s traffic – it’s a fairly typical scene


From my busway seat on a short shopping trip to Permata Hijau, four or five days ago, I looked out as we passed over those ‘highways to heaven’ – the traffic congestion was hellish.

Trucks to Blame for Crippling Holiday Traffic: Police Chief

Jakarta Globe24 Des 2015
The southbound toll road, connecting Jakarta with Bogor and the hilly resort area of Puncak, saw traffic backed up 17 kilometers….. At one point, police issued an advisory for Jakartans to just stay home.
Don’t always agree with the cops, but I can see their point.
Never understood the attraction of Puncak – it’s got some nice tea-plantations but, heck, ya seen some tea-plants, ya seen ’em all. 
Jakarta is in many ways at its best during Idul Fitri and Christmas, population thinned out, far fewer crowds on the side-walks and shopping centres. This year, with Islamic New Year on the 24th and then Christmas and then the weekend, of course there was an intensification of the usual exodus.
Everyone welcomes the long holiday, but to me it’s a grand opportunity to wander about streets that are not teeming with people, that can be crossed with a relative degree of confidence.

fatahbikes motorised morons

Although motor-bike morons still use the side-walks with no regard for pedestrian rights!

On the other hand, if everyone shared my view, Jakarta would be perennially traffic-jammed!

Rightly or wrongly, people blamed ‘the government’ for this year’s traffic nightmare, and for once, or at least a very rare occasion, somebody bit the bullet and resigned.

Djoko Saksono!

How many other men ( or women) in positions of responsibility have presided over bungling, shilly-shallying or total failure, and chose to cling on to their well-paying jobs?

Djoko may or may not have made mistakes. His resignation is such a remarkable event that the Jakarta Post stirred speculation he might be quitting for other, unspecified, reasons.

But he has set an admirable example and I wish him well in the New Year, that’s coming up later this week.