Imbeciles! Sydney to Hobart Yacht Racism!

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That impromptu contest I launched, during the doldrum days in the run-up to Christmas, has attracted some interest.



But first, a picture, found on the internet’s endless wastes, of Kaw Liga.

It’s pronounced ‘Kolijah,’ but that is less important than that it was one of my favourite Hank Williams songs – Hank Williams – Kaw-Liga – YouTube  –  which I’d always insist my Daddy turn up when it came on his truck radio during one of the many trips between Ontario towns in the last year of the reign of King George VI of Canada.



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We all loved Hank’s music, of course!

But for me a song about an Indian was outa sight. I was fascinated by the people who had once lived on the land we farmed. Moreover, the song was entertaining, not one of the many tearful ballads recorded by the great country star, but funny, and the last line of the chorus always made me laugh.

‘It it any wonder, that his face is red?

Kaw Liga, you poor old wooden head.

He was, you see, a cigar-store Indian, an effigy, of the kind that many such shops had out front in those halcyon years.

Are those wooden statues still around? Has the PC Red Indian lobby ousted them from their sentry duties? I suppose even cigar stores these days are a threatened species.

But I’m amazed the song itself has not been banned, or at least censored, because we are not, of course, allowed to call them Red Indians any more – it’s ‘Native Americans’ in the USA and ‘First Nations’ or ‘Aboriginals’ in Canada…


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  • ….held up for priority glorification because thousands of folks, like my great5 grandparents, were granted, by the Canada Company, acres galore of wilderness to clear and farm, which they put to far better use than the Indians who’d roamed there previously.

And after that hilarious petition to ban White Christmas, signed by eager American students imbecilically convinced of its essential racism…College Students Petition To Ban RacistWhite Christmas ..surely a song about an Indian effigy ascribed a red face must be destined for the bonfire of the sanities?

Which brings me ( yes, at last -slow day here since my visitor went home) to the subject in hand, a story from the Guardian, which leads me to think the ( alas anonymous) whiners behind the complaints concerned will be hard to beat in the imbecility stakes.

Sydney to Hobart organisers accused of racism over Indian ‘reservation’ tweet

Yacht race organisers delete post after complaints ‘This is what happens when you stray off the reservation’ tweet was ‘culturally insensitive…’ 

Indian, owned and skippered by Craig Carter, competing in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. A tweet posted Sunday about the boat by race organisers was deleted after complaints it was ‘racist’ and in ‘bad taste.’