Enrage the Enemy – Get Out And Celebrate!

Well, there it is, the final curtain about to come down on a year which has been okay for me personally…
vintage party animals
….but a grim – indeed disastrous – one, in so many ways, around the world.
The rising tide of barbarism continued, and continues, specific horrific episodes, most abominably in France.
But it’s not just the sickening series of one-off atrocities. 
There’s a grand -indeed grotesque – design very clearly discernible too…
‘Aw, c’mon, Europe, be tolerant. It’s cultural micro-aggression to demand he uncover his face!’
….a programmed colonisation of Europe, building on an existing disloyal population, true, but now dwarfing all previous efforts by the Enemies Within, the cosmopolitan cultural marxists, to subvert their own countries and cultures.
What’s to be done?
This may sound flippant, but an immediate option is to get out there tonight and party!
Have as much fun as you can! It’s surely incontestable that the forces of darkness, with whom patriots in every Western land contend for their nations’ destiny, DETEST fun.
They despise women, especially women who look like women, especially pretty women.
And ditto for wine, and song.
They are sour-faced satanic savages and their only delight tonight will occur if civilised folk give in and sit about doing dull things.
Brussels and Paris may have cancelled their fireworks, but you can still raise hell, sing and dance and holler when the clock strikes twelve.
Show the scum you’re not prepared to be bullied into dullness or despair!
Anyway, whatever YOU do, I’m off out later into the Jakarta night, a bit of a drink, a song or three, but not too heavy a night ahead, alas!
I must be on my freshest form tomorrow morning, a journey to be undertaken, to a happy reunion on a special day.  
Therefore my next immediate job is to finalise my packing then hit the warteg for a late brunch, via the minimart for a slop (carton) of Bohem…
…in case I have to hang around various terminals for whatever reason.
Not toooooo early a start in the morn, time to consume a swift gallon of black kopi jawa and fry up a batch of bacon and eggs…
….for breakfast, of course, but also for sandwiches en route – prices at terminal eateries are damnable rip-offs!
Fear not, there’ll be more blog-posts today, before 2015 vanishes.
I’ll wish you all a Happy New Year once it has arrived – and once I have arrived in my destination.