An Italian Mystery – Why Let Terrorists Go?

“Last night we carried out the 67th expulsion this year,” La Stampareported the minister as saying, referring to a 30-year-old Moroccan man who was expelled for distributing Isis propaganda in the university city of Bologna.


I suppose we should be thankful that even with Renzi’s leftists in power, some recognition of the evil of Islamist terror exists, but why expel people arrested for terrorism?




That punishment is appropriate for ‘clerics’ and others who advocate imbecilic nonsense like ‘beheading for blasphemers’ and physical violence to ‘apostates.’ Citizens or not, they have no place in civilised countries.

But terrorism? Making war on civil society?

Why kick them out? Chances are they’ll soon be back, courtesy of the idiotic naval mission mounted by Brussels’ Frontex, which ‘defends’ Europe by bringing hordes of illegals into Italy’s Mediterranean ports!

Why not string them up? Or at least give them hard labour for life, which is an available option until sanity – the death penalty – becomes once more available!