OUTRAGE on Air Asia!

Back in Jakarta once more, I was just going to offer readers a mild meander around eateries discovered on my recent break in Bali.

But the issue of eating brings me instead to lash out wildly at Air Asia, who, I was reminded on my return flight, maintain their arrogant and obnoxious BAN on passengers bringing snacks or any other consumables aboard.


It’s blatant coercion.

Air Asia’s clear intent is to force defenceless people, who have already paid hefty sums to fly, to pay smaller – but still hefty – sums just to stave off in-flight starvation.


But pay through the nose for high-cost meals!


Can I bring my own food on board? 

We do not allow outside food and beverages on the aircraft.


How dare they!

I usually spend under Rp.20,000 for a filling lunch in my local warteg – a heaped plateful.

And that price includes a cold drink..

  • warteg
  • Were I eager to pay more for a basic meal, it would be easy enough to walk round to another eatery, or take a bus to a mall and pay even more again. It’s up to me. I can make sandwiches and sit on a park bench – I did, often, in the UK, and also ALWAYS packed lunch for me and the offspring when undertaking a rail journey; part of the fun.

How much any guy or gal pays to eat should always be a matter for his or her personal preference.

Air Asia thinks not. 


 YA GOTTA swallow whatever they serve.


Passengers are not allowed to consume their own food on board.


Surfing the subject, it seems my indignation is far from unique. Grotesque rudeness is noted by several angry fliers.

Some fatuous fool tries to defend Air Asia by likening their jackboot policy to that of a resto barring diners from bringing in food from outside. But Air Asia is NOT a resto.

Their job is to move people from Point A to Point B, NOT to force them to eat whatever Air Asia sees fit to offer. Incidentally, once you are in the air, suppose you open your jacket and, with a melodramatic flourish, brandish a plastic bag of sandwiches, or one of those excellent Rp.10,000 gado2 packs I get from the guy who wanders my complex?

AirAsia flight attendants group adv

What would those trim little stewardesses do? Wrestle you to the floor?

Actually, that might be fun.

But seriously, they can hardly chuck you off, can they?


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