Hottest Clubbing Deal in Jakarta?



I’ve received another of those charming promotional messages.

I keep getting them!


Another Royale VIP Bus Advert – It’s Still the Warteg for Me! 

This latest one held me enthralled for minutes and minutes, that magically mysterious bus, so different from that which I’m used to, on my trusty kopaja commuting





….…but whilst the Royale VIP Bus sounds like loads of fun, I fear I must await a severe discount before I climb aboard.

Hottest Clubbing Deal in Jakarta!
Hottest Clubbing Deal in Jakarta with Immigrant-Jakarta II and Royale VIP Bus! Get 5 hours on the party bus plus free entries and 1 bottle of vodka or whiskey including mixers to IMMIGRANT Club Jakarta at only 6juta nett!
*(Only available for WednesdayFriday and Saturday Booking)
  Limited offer only!
Book now at  or call  021 98792877 (office hour Mon- Friday9am -5pm)
Party on the wheel!
Enjoy the spacious interior, big screen LED TV, Premium Sound System, Stripper Pole, karaoke and fiber-optic laser lighting!
There is a bar fridge and a toilet on board as well.
This vehicle is extremely versatile and popular with Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette Party, Prom, Jakarta Nightlife, or a night out on the town for up to 20 people!

Reassuring to know there’s a toilet on board – comes in handy if passengers make good use of that bottle ( is that per person or to be shared among 20 people?) included in what they get for their six hundred (for up to twenty people!) Australian dollars!

But the Stripper Pole especially sounds interesting.  

I used Google Search to locate a suitable illustration and found this…



…with a link to an American blog… 

…the story on which is as innocuous as the pleasing photo, though I can’t figure out why she’s meant to be Polish.