Kill-Joy Islamists Ruin New Year Holiday!


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Once again, Aceh disgraces Indonesia before the eyes of a watching world. reported that people who wanted to enoy the holiday at the  beach location in Mameh District were immediately dispersed. They were forcibly sent homeward-bound after being ‘invaded’ by a thousand students joining up with the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).

Students? A pack of po-faced, pig-ignorant juvenile delinquents, more like. But we have to understand these are not students in any sense comprehensible to civilised people.

… at least 30 private cars and minibuses carrying a thousand dayah students dressed all in white and green… ”


That means their ‘studies’ comprise Islamist dogma. They don’t attend normal schools, instead enrolled in pesantren, so-called ‘religious’ schools.  Lukman Slams Pesantren Fanatics – Can One Brave Man Slay The Hydra? 

Almost amusing is the description of how the IslamoNazis’ local gauleiter, At Thahiry, using a loud-speaker ‘invited holiday-makers to leave the tourist sites, with a half-hour time limit.’


. Tgk. Muslim AttahiriAt Thahiry


Invited? An invitation, to normal folk, is a card with RSVP imprinted beneath the details of time and place. Or, more enticingly, words like ‘Come up and see me sometime!’

But not in Aceh! 

We give you half an hour to leave the tourist sites, and we ask the Police, WH and municipal police to immediately expel tourists…


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  • …if we are not heeded, the FPI will carry out the dispersal –  we are not afraid to go to jail,” he said, interspersing his rant with shrieks of  ‘Allah Akbar.’

Not much chance of jail for jerks like him. The police in Aceh uphold such shariah vigilantism.

And please note, that ‘WH’ above refers to the shariah goon-squad, that gallant band we have had reason to comment on previously.


wilayatul hisbah


Aceh’s shariah gestapo, the loathesome Wilayatul Hisbah.


Silhouette weeping

 Aceh’s Shariah Police ‘Stained Forever’ by Gang Rape

Oh, and further usurping the powers of what passes for law up there in the sectarian cess-pool, he declared the beach district ‘officially closed as of today!”


What Aceh beaches need is not closure, nor shrilling from white-shirt thugs, but IMPROVEMENT – beaches need to be adorned by sea-side scenes like these…


….taken from an Indonesian film I went to see a few years ago.



That was a horror movie, but the evil creatures who emerged from the waters then were nowhere near as hideous as the kill-joy bigotry displayed by those intolerant IslamoNazis in Aceh.