“They were all asylum seekers!” Told You So!



“They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates!”

Following on from our morning report, about the alien vermin preying on defenceless victims in Cologne..

Merkel’s Migrants – “A Completely New Dimension of Violence!” 

…it’s interesting to see that finally even her media lackeys have had to report that the filthy predators who sexually assaulted German women at the city’s main station were so-called ‘asylum-seekers.’

Our quote above comes fom the BBC – Germany shocked by Cologne New Year gang assaults on women BBC News – but major news media in most countries seem to have admitted the terrifying truth that Merkel has knowingly imported evil.  

It’s taken the ratbag hacks long enough – but now one journo  – sympathetic to ‘migrants’  – has owned up to the German media’s emulation of Dr. Goebbels’ propaganda role. 

…no sober analysis of the influx of millions of people from the Middle East – the majority of whom are young men –  could fail to realize that certain behaviours prevalent there would be repeated here.




In the last few months, it has seemed that the authorities and the national media would rather sacrifice transparency for the sake of stability.

It was days before police gave full descriptions of the offenders in Cologne, despite a call for eyewitnesses. The national media also ignored the story until a wave of anger on social media made covering it unavoidable.  http://www.thelocal.de/20160105/brushing-sexual-assault-under-the-carpet-is-foolish

That’s what I said earlier today, that it’s all us bloggers, little candles letting the light shine on evil, who shamed the media collaborationists into going straight – but how long will that last?

The Local’s Jorg Luyken goes on to confirm the extent of the cover-up, with numerous further examples to prove his point.




Exactly as we of the Resistance have been doing, just as sane people across Europe have been warning their fellow-citizens, since the swarms of savages were given the green light by Mama Stasi, a green light burnished by her Brussels comrades, Juncker and Mogherini.

So will the police be authorised to go after the scum? Will the savages get slap-on-the-wrist sentences if they are caught? Will the sex predators be deported?

Who knows?

Ralf Jäger, the state interior minister for North Rhine-Westphalia, promised swift action.

“We will not accept that groups of North African men gather expressly for the purpose of debasing women by sexually assaulting them…”http://www.dw.com/en/string-of-new-years-eve-sexual-assaults-outrages-cologne/a-18958334

Swift action? Fine words. But what do they mean?

I know nothing about Herr Jager – he may be an exception to the PC garbage caste, aka the German political establishment.

But we can be sure that Merkel and her ruling treason class will beg to differ from how normal Germans feel these questions should be answered.

Kick the swine out!

And by that, should we mean only the bestial aliens who organised themselves to prowl around Koln Hauptbahnhof?

Or the heinous Hochverraterin who facilitated the incursion of ingrate molestators?