Trio Setan – Evil Bag-Heads Join Terror Gangs

The police have said that three widows of alleged terrorists who were killed during raids by security officers have joined the Santoso terrorist group that is hidden in the Poso Pesisir forest, in Poso regency, Central Sulawesi.

“The three are now wives of Santoso, Basri and Ali Kalora. The three [women] come from the West Nusa Tenggara town of Bima,” said Central Sulawesi Police chief Brig. Gen. Idham Azis 


burka-1  Trio Setan?

Well, we have posted on Bima before.

Breaking News! Terror Bomb in Islamic School – Police Still Blocked by Bigot Mob 

A lot of vermin been seen in that vicinity. 

The three women are known only as Umi Fadel, Umi Mujahid and Umi Delima, but Idham did not reveal the name of the slain suspected terrorists who were the husbands of the three.

It seems these vile vixen have made their move to take revenge for the deaths of their husbands. But they’ve been quick to take new husbands from among the murder-gang they’ve joined!

“Their hiding territory covers an area of 2,400 square kilometers. Therefore, it is difficult to monitor movement from and into the location,” said the police.

It’s also probably difficult to identify them because, like most, if not all, terrorist squaws, they’ll be sporting head-shrouds, that revolting burka badge of second-class citizenship.

Indonesia so far has failed to outlaw the offensive head-gear, unlike sensible countries, like Chad, and Niger (and I read that Senegal too is acting responsibly in this matter)

Please note, VERY few Indonesian Muslim women go around dressed in these offensive things – I see them rarely in Jakarta, where the female population consists of many attractive lasses who are not ashamed of their appearance.

  • stock-illustration-30527208-silhouettes-of-beautiful-pin-up-girls-1950s-style

On my recent flight back from Bali, there were a couple of the wretched primitives prowling about the airports – did they expose their fanatic fizzogs at the security checks?

The vigilant sentinels there insisted I open my bag to ensure the two pieces of Aussie Devon cold meat ( a late Xmas gift) were not something more sinister…

…severed limbs, maybe?! The guy and gal on duty were bemused when its innocuous character was revealed, though he cast envious glances at my other gift, a bottle of Black Label!

However, back to Black Widow spider things..

At the very least, bag-heads should be made to remove their unprepossessing masks in places like that.




It’s not just the fact that they’re aesthetically displeasing to normal human beings, but in an airport, these days?

Come on! 

Pleasingly, we read that the security forces have so far managed to kill or arrest a number of group members… Less pleasingly, “the Camar Maleo IV-2015 operation will end on Jan. 9, but the Central Sulawesi Police will continue to carry out regular operations.”

No disrespect to the local rozzers, but with Indonesia increasingly reported as a centre of jihadist terror activity, more rather than less security personnel might be a rather nifty idea.

And a round-up of sectarian hoodlum gangs, of which more later today, would be most welcome!