So Did ISIS Get Their Trump Video Idea From Hillary?

Trump’s call for a total, if temporary, ban had drawn criticism around the globe, including from Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, who said his remarks were used by radicals in recruitment videos — a suggestion Trump aides had sharply denied.

Trump was indignant. 

“It wasn’t ISIS and it wasn’t made at the time, and she lied.”


 Mad, bad and and dangerous to know?
 Okay! He said/she said…politics as usual.
Until Clinton’s team was unable to show the world any of the ISIS recruitment videos.
But she certainly got a worldwide audience for her mendacious outburst.
 ISIS video of burning POW
And no surprise, therefore, that the rape-gang in Mosul, known for their eagerness to make videos, were evidently listening too, and liked the idea that Hilary had invented!
Hence this latest ISIS video about Trump could will be attributable to Clinton’s rant.
We can’t of course suggest she will personally profit from it. She doesn’t need dirty money, nor clean.
This woman, like so many who purport to take an interest in the poor, is a plutocrat.
She and Ole Sleazo ( ) are as rich as Croesus.