As I Take Down My Tree, A NICE Jogja Story!

It was time to take the Christmas tree down for another year, a task that always saddens me, so now there’s a need to cheer myself up.

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  • We usually tend to focus on horrible news, probably because so much news is horrible. Today, however, I present a story from Jogjakarta, here in Indonesia, which concerns a seemingly insignificant event that took place less than a week ago.

I only came across it because every so often I put ‘Ahmadiyah’ into the search engines to see what pops up. Usually it’s a sad story, the Ahmadis here (and in various other countries) being the victims of indefensible discrimination –

Hurrah for Ahok – Jakarta Governor Speaks Up for Religious Liberty! 

And that report is by no means the worst we’ve had to cover over the past few years.


 – We will soon be observing the fifth anniversary of that Cikeusik Pogrom.

Victim of Islamist Murder Mob Gets Six Months in the Slammer 


What motivates me to champion these Muslim dissenters is, I guess, the fact that they are so TOTALLY harmless.

They are good citizens, patriotic -. – and honest people who do their best to get along with their neighbours of different beliefs and nothing about their creed can possibly be construed as offensive. 




The current President of Indonesia, Jokowi, talks the pluralist talk of tolerance, but has so far done nothing to scrap the blatantly discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree, enacted against Ahmadis in response to bone-head bigot clamour. 

So do Ahmadis take up arms and fight back against persecution? No, they don’t, because they are peaceful, public-spirited folkInstead they show  immense civic pride and decency, not just here…

royal_wedding_ahmadiyya …but abroad!


So today, an  extract from the newspaper Radar Jogja.

In another section, the Ahmadiyya youth organised a ‘mutual help clean-up of garbage in the Malioboro area…the Clean The City Movement 2016, starting at

Malioboro is the most famous street there, named for a British military hero, and any tourist who visits the city is bound to walk along it.


It is crowded with vendors of souvenirs, clothes, foods, artefacts, etc. Inevitably it gets littered badly.

Especially after big holidays.

We deliberately chose to hold this waste clean-up after the celebration of the turn of the year,” said Chairman of the Ahmadiyya Yogyakarta. Saifudin Mutaqi.

Reading on, we find thathis activity was initiated by Humanity First Indonesia in cooperation with the Council of Khudamul Ahmadiyah Indonesia, and first held in 2015, when it involved cleaning the Jakarta Monas monument area.

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  • That area too is covered in rubbish after New Year, but it hasn’t always been a scene of joyful celebration.
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In 2004, a pack of pig-ignorant IslamoNazis ran amok, savaging defenceless people who were staging a pro-tolerance demo.

But enough history…

This month in Jogja…


jogja-map Jogjakarta


  • “The initiator of this event a year ago was Humanity First Indonesia, and this year this activity was adopted by the Assembly Khudamul Ahmadiyah Indonesia (MKAI) after coordination with Humanity First,” said Risky, the field coordinator.
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  • Sampah Berserakan, Taman Terinjak-injak
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  • Risky said the Clean The City activities aimed to arouse public awareness of cleanliness and hygiene concern as a form of belief in an Islam that is beautiful and clean.  
  • “Hopefully, this movement can inspire a lot of people and we will make regular program of national movement at the beginning of the New Year.”

Now if it were Ahmadis who made the headlines here as the public face of Islam, rather than the nasty benighted brutes of the IslamoNazi FPI or the democracy-hating fanatics of Hizbut Tahrir, Indonesia’s President Jokowi could stand tall and truly promote his country as the exemplar of pluralist tolerance in the Muslim World.

Instead, that evil decree remains un-repealed and Ahmadis are still denied basic civil and religious liberty.

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There’s another sort of clean-up needed badly.