Rotten Media – AP’s Distorted Reflection of German Opinion!

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  • Scanning the news, what should I find but the Jakarta Post – for once, I won’t castigate them, because they are simply copy-pasting an AP report from Germany, and it is an incredible piece indeed, from the top down.



It’s crowned with a large photo of a comely fraulein, whom I naturally took to be one of the victims of the mass assault on German women by crimmigrant savages.


“I’m Syrian. You need to be nice to me. Frau Merkel invited me here.”“Cultural Coexistence” With ‘Asylum’ Rapists?’ Damn You, Merkel! 


But on closer inspection, she turns out to be 26-year-old student Antonia Rabente a Cologne resident who was not among the victims – :

NOT among the victims?

So how come Antonia tops the report?

Well, AP decided to use her pic because she’s a student and union activist, part of a gang of pro-crimmigrant agitators who showed up to yell at a small patriot demo outside the Hauptbahnhof. The red rats’ contribution to the debate was to holler “East or West, down with the Nazi plague.”

  • c7f1d-day11-evildead2Predators and Child Molestors


If there’s a plague in Germany, it is surely the undesirable aliens, and their collaborationist fans like Angela, who of course expresses sympathy for the women assaulted by alien predators, but then is quick to condemn any idea of tackling the problem at its source.

“I think it’s important to keep the focus on the women who were affected. They (mustn’t be) misused for attacks on the right to asylum.” 

Then we get a quote from another woman, Gudrun, also NOT one of the victims, also sympathetic to their plight, and concerned for law and order.

But she’s evidently completely ignorant of what the police have revealed about the participation in the sex mayhem of crimmigrant ‘asylumers’ –

“I don’t think they’d risk doing something like that.”

  • 3c1b1-get_real_big

Get Real, Gudrun!


To be fair, the AP report does expose widespread mockery of that fatuous mayor who decided to warn women how to behave –“There is always the possibility of keeping a certain distance, more than an arm’s length” from strangers, she said  – instead of calling for the rapists to be put up against a wall and shot, as most of us would prefer.


Mayor Reker – a lawyer, of course!


And AP could hardly neglect to cover the lying and/or incompetent Cologne Police Chief Wolfgang Albers – 

Police initially failed to mention the assaults in their report the following morning, describing the festivities as “largely peaceful.”
“When the situation became tense in front of the train station — there were a thousand men who were completely out of control — the police cleared the square,” he told public broadcaster ARD. “It was a difficult operation (and) the police did an exemplary job.”

Witnesses told a different story. German media quoted dozens of women who said they were followed by groups of men who groped them, tried to pull off their clothes and stole valuables.



That klutz has now been sacrificed as a sop to an outraged public, but Merkel is still entrenched, doing her evil worst against her country.

It doesn’t bode well for the future that much of the media is into damage control mode for the multicult elite.

AP has just one pro-German quote, from Thorsten Craemer of the small patriot party ProNRW –

“This is where Merkel’s irresponsible immigration policy will lead us..” –

But then AP immediately shows its engrained bias by smearing the patriots as the far-right fringe.

Why not refer to Antonia’s rabble as the far-left fringe?

No chance!

Of course Mama Stasi’s traitor clique will continue to deny the people a referendum, but despite the media’s slanted presentations, I wonder who reflects the democratic aspirations of the German electorate more accurately, Thomas or Antonia.