Debate With AfD Patriots? Red/Green Comrades Bottle Out!

Although the AfD is currently hovering around 10% in German polls, chances are it will rise and rise after the horrendous news of sex crimes by Mama Stasi’s migrants finally got out, despite the establishment media’s cover-ups.



Their growing threat to the collaborationist elite is confirmed by both the far-left Greens and the Socialist SPD’s chicken-sh+t refusal to face them live on TV.

Odd, how these arrogant pinko creeps say the patriots are clueless and without a logical leg to stand on – easy to rip apart their arguments, then, surely?

But given the opportunity to expose AfD’s alleged shortcomings in open, cut-and-thrust debate?


They shudder and shrink back from confrontation.


Jorg Meuthen


  • Even from such a cheery-looking sort as Jorg Meuten, AfD’s man in the southern federal state of Baden Wurttemberg!

I hitched through there in my student years.

It’s a nice place, lots of beautiful Black Forest scenery, but with several important cities, too, which may well have been afflicted recently by crimmigrant savagery of the sort seen in Koln.


  • hands off
  • ————
  • Certainly the citizens in B-W are well aware of the menace Merkel’s phoney refugees’ pose to their wives and daughters, which is why AfD, as the only pro-German party, is likely to do well in the state elections exactly one month hence. 


If Jorg Meuthen, AfD’s Baden-Württemberg state spokesman, is invited to the March round-table by Südwestrundfunk (SWR – the state broadcasting network), the Green Party state premier, Winfried Kretschmann (Green) and his deputy Nils Schmid (SPD) will stay away….


…SPD and the Greens want – in spite of the refugee crisis and although the AfD are at eight percent in the opinion polls – to avoid public “showcase discussion” with the AFD, if possible at all events.



Craven Kretschmann, above, and Spineless Schmid, below




“We won’t appear with the AFD on the podium,” said the SPD state chairman Nils Schmid, “because that’s a party that despises freedom and democracy and rejects our system.”

If AfD are truly so indefensible, why cower so cravenly when there’s a chance to challenge them?

But who says they despise democracy, or freedom?

That’s rich from a comrade of those Red Nazi SPD authoritarians we posted on just a week ago, who want the state media (and presumably all media) to censor the only real opposition party in the country.  

And one would hope every German patriot rejects the system.


  • As currently constituted, it’s a system that favours undesirable aliens over honest citizens,that is sustained by a pack of dishonest media hacks and a police force infested with liars, increasingly exposed for bare-faced suppression of facts on the rapacious savages imported by the political in-crowd.
  • A system well worth rejecting!

Now we read that the SWR is puzzling over how to handle the anti-democratic boycott.


That report says the SWR faces a dilemma. But it also reminds us they have an obligation to afford all parties a fair hearing.

There’s no dilemma – and no excuse for cancelling the debate.

Just make sure all parties get an invitation.


…empty chairs topped by dunces’ caps, maybe with yellow stripes blazoned across them, should be displayed prominently, to highlight Greens and SPD ignorance of democratic principles  –  and their political cowardice.

The AfD should then proceed – with any other fair-play parties that attend – to present their policies and answer questions.

No doubt outside the studio the Un-German Antifa hoodlum mob would shrill and shrill – but they’d have no rational grounds for complaint.