Flyin’ Lion Air? Beware!

I’ve never been keen on Lion Air  since their obnoxious conduct a year or so ago, an appaling episode which should have been punished with public floggings for the management dolts responsible.

Disgusted, disappointed customers joined the already delayed passengers in blocking other airlines from allowing their passengers to board and vandalised Lion Air check-in desks. They smashed glass walls and a group of passengers forced their way on to the airport’s Terminal 3 tarmac, in an attempt to board a parked Lion Air plane. Passengers smash glass walls, storm airport tarmac


That was last year.

And this year..?

Many overseas arrivals in Indonesia transfer for internal journeys onto local airlines, including Lion Air.

So folks abroad, please take note. 




  • My preferred practice is to avoid stowing bags, much quicker to sling a backpack over my shoulders, mostly old clothes which, once worn at my destination, can be thrown away, replaced in the bag with light-weight souvenirs or anything else I acquire on my trip.
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  • But for many people, that’s just not possible – they part with their bulky luggage at the airport, then pick it up, after an inordinate wait, after they land. 
  • —————
  • Or maybe they don’t get to pick it up, not as it was when they packed it!
  • ——————–
  • In this latest scandal, a few little minnows have been netted, but the search widens. Certainly, after police in Jakarta caught four of the airline’s porters opening passenger baggage in search of items of value, I’m disinclined to go flyin’ on Lion any time soon.
  • Not unless wholesale dismissals are soon announced. 
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  • One of the porters arrested by police said he stole items because he was forced to do so by his superiors.
  • The man told police that initially he did not want to participate in the theft, but was threatened by a superior with physical force if he did not cooperate and participate.
  • ————————–

I’m not normally given to believe thieves, but that has the ring of truth.


Now it seems a further EIGHTEEN of Lion’s baggage handlers have failed to report to work since the investigation commenced. 

AND security guards from Lion Air reportedly coordinated the theft, telling the porters when the coast was clear to rob the bags.


Who hired these people?

Who oversaw them as they worked?

Who is going to be looking for a new job?