More ‘Refugee’ Terror – And France24 Shows BBC-Style Bias!

Just watched the 9.30pm news round-up on France24, and some lefty tube named Jasper Mortimer, their Istanbul hack, displaying the kind of overt bias we’ve come to expect from BBC or EuroNews on the crimmigrant question.


  • To nobody’s great surprise, it turns out the satanic jihadist who murdered those tourists in Turkey entered that country as a ‘refugee’ from Syria.
  • Much the same as the swine who played an evil role in the Paris atrocity, and as the filthy scum who terrorised German women in Koln at New Year.
  • ————
Jasper Mortimer
 Jasper Mortimer
  • Jasper Mortimer had no choice but to tell viewers about this.
  • That’s his job.

But it is certainly NOT his job to express his own grotesque bias, as he did when he continued that the ‘refugee’ revelation will ‘unfortunately, give ammunition to the anti-immmigration lobbies.’



  • polishwingedhussarsvien1683

Turning the tide at the Gates of Vienna, 1683 – can we do it today?


The more ammunition the patriot forces are given, the greater is their chance to tunr the tide and save Europe!

That’s my take on the issue, and I’m sure it’s a  view shared by millions, not least in France!

Yes, the Enemy Within, the left-lib political/media establishment, take a very different view, and are entitled to express it – but NOT in the middle of what should be an impartial news rep0rt.

This man Mortimer should be ordered back to Paris, given a severe dressing down, and warned that if he once again substitutes pinko politics for objective reporting…

…he can go join the unemployables in the Calais Jungle, where he might weary of the reality of crimmigration.