Right On, Reitz! An Honest German Journo, At Last!

  • In Germany this week, on the contrary, the onslaught on truth is still under way, as two leading German publications were accused of using racist imagery in their response to events in Cologne. Cologne sex attacks: vigilantes vow to rid streets of migrants
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  • One, Suddeutsche Zeitung, has already ‘apologised.’


    The other Focus, has shown more back bone over its bold front cover.


    Ulrich Reitz ist Chefredakteur des Focus – und das ist sein neuer Titel. Ulrich Reitz


    Ulrich Reitz, the editor in chief, said that anyone calling it racist or sexist was “afraid of the truth.” 
    Quite so, but playing the racist card is a tried and trusted tactic of the cultural marxists