Sexy Agnes – MUI Exonerates Her Arabic Transparency!

Agnes Monica is very popular here in Indonesia.

I enjoyed seeing her live in Jakarta, a few years back, an energetic, bubbly songstress whose dance routines are at least as appealing as her lyrical efforts.




Now reports that she enlivened TV channel Indosiar’s anniversary show in what Google Translate enticingly chooses to call ‘sexy transparent black overalls featuring Arabic script!’

The words on her overalls were apparently Al Muttahidah.

And needless to say, an array of uptights began a-shrilling.


Many netizens condemned it, given that the Arabic script so closely resembled a symbol of Islam.




Good for Chairman of the Da’wa MUI, Cholil Nafis! One hopes his words will serve as a rebuke for cretinous sectarians who spend their time seeking out reasons to be offended.

His level-headed approach is a delightful contrast to the numbskulls up in Aceh, where the clowns of the shariah regime had her billboard ads portray her in a headscarf, despite the fact she’s a Christian!Shariah In Aceh: Eroding Indonesia’s Secular Freedoms


Anyway, since we’re on the subject of Agnes’ taste in clothing, here,for overseas readers, are some photos to explain her huge fan club in Indonesia.


Inilah Foto Bugil <b>Agnes Monica</b> Terbaru 2013






Only Time For Agnes, Today, and She's Tomorrow