Satanic Evil Stalks Sarinah! Start Executions, Please, Jokowi!

I just got a call from Oz, anxiously asking if I’m okay.

Having been catching up on household chores and drinking coffee, since I rose an hour or so ago, I was taken aback, but then horrified to hear that terrorists have bombed Jakarta, grenades, it seems, murdering innocents at or near Sarinah, one of the oldest shopping centres here, where I have often hung out  ever since I arrived in Indonesia 16 years ago.


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Sarinah and area, in happier days



Not a word on EuroNews, which I’ve had on since 9am, so I have switched to a local channel, as it’s noon and there should be updated news there.

I’m supposed to be attending a party downtown later – I hope they don’t cancel: that’s giving in. If they do bottle out, I will head into the city centre anyway, as there’s no way ISIS or similar vermin should be able to intimidate us.

I had considered going to Sarinah for a spot of shopping prior to partying. Now watching scenes there, sad beyond measure – so many good memories of fun with friends there, now tainted by this atrocity. 

  •  Several explosions were heard in the centre of the Indonesian capital on Thursday, witnesses told Reuters. (via The Straits Times)

  • The police have been warning of a rising terror threat for weeks…

Despite Arrests, Indonesia Says Terror Attack Threat Remains

 …so I hope that Jokowi’s Government, which has been talking about renewing executions for drug crims this year…

Attorney General M Prasetyo has stressed that a third round of drug convict executions will be carried out next year.



…now comes out and promises that every satanic jihadist that can be captured – today’s perp is apparently still on the run – will be shot like the rabid dogs they are.