Fuhrer Merkel To German Cops -Don’t Detain Savages!

Sorry I had to lay off the savages issue for a day or so, but being in a city under attack by jihadist scum tends to distract.

Did anyone believe Merkel’s hypocritical yapping about how she deplored the crimmigrant sex-predator attacks on German women?Merkel vows action after Cologne sexual assaults



It hardly rang true.

The old Stasi bat’s been round the block a few times, enough to know very well that the sort of savages she’s let into her country are steeped in primitive sexist ideologies that relegate women to second class status, shrouded and subjected to discriminatory marriage and inheritance ‘laws.’   oooooooooooooooo

  • It’s hardly rocket science to figure out that, faced for the first time with women who dare dress like women and expect to be respected, much of the scum would start slobbering and molesting, whenever and wherever possible.
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  • Now an honest officer, using a pseudonym, ‘Bernd,’ – for fear of reprisals by Mama Stasi’s PC jobsworths who mismanage German police forces – has spilt more beans!
  • One handy revelation is that 95% of the ‘refugees’ are young men in their prime – just what civilised countries need, slimy curs who’d rather ponce off German welfare than fight for their countries!
  • Bernd also tells us that in the past months, he had only once had cause to book a German citizen. The rest of his arrests and complaints were against migrants, who he said regularly “sexually harassed” women around the local railway station, the first stop in Germany after the railway crosses from Austria.
  • http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/01/12/federal-police-break-ranks-complain-orders-from-above-ban-them-from-dealing-with-migrants/
  • But that’s just the start of the bad news!
  • Merkel’s flunkeys have issued orders that the alien swine should NOT be detained against their will, no matter their crimes, whether sex assaults on women or any other offence!.
  • “If a refugee wants to escape our control, we can’t even detain him. This is dictated from above. To do so would be physical violence.” German Cop Breaks Ranks: We Are BANNED From Detaining Migrants
    Breitbart News has been doing a brilliant job – often it breaks the REAL news  – WATCH: Swedish Cop Claims Lack Of Reporting Of Migrant Sex  – and then other media use the facts revealed.It’s not only Germany that covers up mass sex attacks by migrant men   Spectator.co.uk13 Jan 2016
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  • If ever some sort of Pultizer Prize were deserved, they’d get it- but of course the pinko pukes who award Pulitzers are not on the side of honest journalism. 
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Pulitzer-Winning Lies | The Weekly Standard

The Pulitzer Gang proved their disregard for honest reporting beyond all shadow of a doubt when they refused to rectify their predecessors’ shameful glorification of the red lick-spittle Duranty who covered up Communism’s crimes in Russia.


  • ZDF’s Ina-Maria Reize-Wildemann
  • These days they’ll more than likely honour that traitor bint we covered last week, who boasted of her own cover-up of ‘migrant’ crimes against the German people.