Meruya Man! Have I Sat Chatting With A Bomber?

We read that several alleged accomplices of the Sarinah outrage have been arrested in Depok, West Java.
Depok has long been seen as a cesspool of ferocious fanaticism, from its city government downwards…
It’s only fair to add that many people there are normal and decent. Hundreds of thousands voted for a grand lady named Rieke in gubernatorial elections a year or so back.
And where I used to live, for five years or more, in Meruya, West Jakarta, most people were nice enough too.
But it turns out that police have raided a house there to detain a suspect in Thursday’s terrorist attack downtown!
You never know what’s really going on behind your neighbour’s closed door.
But even more rivetting, from my point of view, is the revelation that the detainee is, by profession, an angkot driver, and not just any angkot – it’s the B14, the one I’ve been using two or three times a week!
For years!
angkot angkots
It plies between Citraland and Puri Indah, and beyond.
I like to shop in both places, and apart from that, the route passes my barber, the splendid Rp.10,000 rupiah guy ( yeah, $1.00) I’ve maybe mentioned before.
Thing is, I always try to sit up front beside the driver, due to A – my long legs and B – the freedom to smoke.
So the question on my mind tonight is – have I been sat beside a sectarian terrorist, maybe even chatted away to him, maybe more than a few times?
The report says the arrested chap always wore a camouflage jacket over his driver shirt, and that doesn’t ring a bell.
But since you’re facing forward, you don’t really take in what drivers wear…
..if only…
….and heck, Jakarta angkot drivers are all guys, so why would I?