Peter Tauber – Modern Germany’s Stauffenberg?

When the leader of a country is overtly bent on its ruin, it’s time for patriots to take drastic action.
We have more than once referred to the heroic German soldier, Von Stauffenberg, who paid the ultimate price for attempting to do just that, in 1944.


He played a key role in the unsuccessful plot to terminate Hitler’s reckless prosecution of the war.
In today’s existential crisis, fortunately, there’s no call for assassination. The German constitutional structure affords the democratic resistance to Mama Stasi various non-violent means of removing her threat to the country.
And now we have a new champion stepping forward, Peter Tauber by name, a leading light in Merkel’s own party, general secretary no less. And he’s talking sense!
—————–CDU-Generalsekretär Peter Tauber. Quelle: dpa

‘If one in two asylum claims is rejected on average, the states have a duty to deport 1,000 rejected asylum seekers a day.’ Peter Tauber


 That’s a perfectly practical target. Germany has Hamburg and other port cities with plenty of large container vessels forever coming and going.
For a fraction of the cost of feeding, clothing and housing undesirable aliens (not forgetting the ridiculous ‘pocket-money’ they get given, probably often spent on porn-mags to read in beween sex assaults on German women)…
…these big ships could be loaded up with lying ‘asylum’ parasites and despatched to the sunny shores from whence the swine arrived. A thousand a day is not unrealistic, if other forms of deportation are included.

Merkel’s cultural marxist junta is facing increasing opposition from her own party. Another CDU MP, Christian von Stetten, is demanding internal party democracy instead of the current diktat system.


“If so many of our party speak out in favour of partial refusal at the border, we should all be able to vote on it.” Von Stetten


Interestingly, I see the petition also offers critics of Britain’s  craven Cameron some useful ammunition, reminding us all that ‘asylum’ is not legally available crimmigrants, those “who wish to enter Germany illegally via a safe third country”.

As the Express writer notes, refugees must claim asylum in the first member state they reach. .

And THAT puts Cur Cameron right on the spot, since he has done NOTHING to kick out Calais savages who have oozed through the Chunnel.

We learned late last year he’d been using secretive flunkeys to house the scum in tax-paid English hotels.


  • 0d8e4-kingcameronarrogant 
  • ————
  • Now he’s not lifting a finger to overturn a ridiculous ruling that some Sudanese parasite  – arrested and charged after waltzing illegally through – be granted ‘asylum’ in the UK.
  • This green light will be seen and followed, like a satanic inversion of the Bethlehem Star, by hordes of Jungle brutes lurking on the French coast. And this despite an outrageously fallacious interpretation of asylum rules.
  • —————
  • The ‘lawyers’ who made the crimmigrant’s case in court argued his  ‘refugee rights’ required the UK to grant him ‘asylum…’
  • BUT he never sought ‘asylum’ in the equally ‘safe’ country he entered the UK from. Failing to apply in France surely should invalidate his claim altogether.

british money

Oh, for your information, his case was put by –Kent Defence, 14 The Centre, Margate, Kent CT9 1JG Phone: 01843 227631 Email: –  you might want to ask them, since it’s a matter of public interest, who paid their fees?.