Cops Won’t Act Against Facebook ‘Gay’ Perving Page!

We’ve reported all too many examples of European police inertia in the face of sex-predator crimmigrants.

Now we have a case of similar cop failure to crack down on sleazy ‘gays’ caught taking photos of teen boys to post on a sicko Facebook page!

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  • The Austin County Sheriff’s Office told the station that “Beautiful Boys Around the World” was disturbing, but not criminal.

A Texas dad speaks for millions in his response. “You should not be taking pictures of anyone’s child, especially not posting them on an obviously gay website where men go to ogle boys,” said Tommy Johnson, the teenager’s father.

Okay, it seems turning the public spotlight on these creatures has dimmed their loathesome ardour. The administrator of “Beautiful Boys Around the World” refused to give the CBS affiliate comment for its story on Thursday, but the page went dark before the end of the night.

But given queers’ predilection for youngsters, let’s ask the question – would police be equally inert if parents got hold of one of these aberrant animals and beat the cr#p out of them?