Denmark – Sex-Predator Crimmigrants Need to be “INFORMED?”

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Primitive savages unwisely allowed into Denmark are showing they’re just as unpleasant as their counterparts in Cologne.
In Sonderborg, the dirty dogs have been making a nuisance of themselves.
“We must say that a large number of the male guests who come from the local asylum centre have a very hard time respecting the opposite sex.
In my eyes, it is harassment when one or more men continue to touch a young woman after she has said ‘stop’,” Glenn Hollender from the Sønderborg club Den Flyvende Hollænder told TV Syd.
A short-term solution would be to do what I see has been done in Austria and Germany, where responsible proprietors are banning such swine from entry to clubs and bars.
Not Welcome! Doormat
One community, however, has a plan that can only be called laughable, namely the city of Thisted, which has encountered similar problems to those in Sonderborg. 
“Several young women have felt unsafe on the streets, where they have been accosted by asylum seekers. The same thing has happened on the dance floor out in the nightlife,” Lars Sloth, the director of the city’s children and families unit, told news agency Ritzau.’
Obviously, these pigs need to be taught a painful lesson.
It’s a pity Denmark has no corporal punishment, because a good sound thrashing might smarten up the sleazy ‘asylumers,’ but one hopes that if the cops detain them, the act of detention may include some serious rough handling.
But get this! 
City official Sloth said that public workers and the police would undergo a campaign to inform asylum seekers about what constitutes acceptable behaviour in Danish society.
INFORM the filthy creeps?
As if they weren’t fully aware that decent Danish women don’t want pawed and pestered by alien savages?
hands off
OF COURSE they know they’re out of order.
But they also know that Europe is teeming with lawyer lice who will latch onto their cause and use the steady stream of dictatorial diarrhoea issuing from Strasbourg.
Undesirable ‘migrants’ know their ‘rights’ will always trump the safety of Danes or any other civilised people.
The savages think they’re untouchable…AND…
They have been brought up in ‘cultures’ – so-called – that treat women as domestic animals, forced, unlike men, to shroud themselves. 
burka family
Back where these ‘men’ come from, women are subjected to grotesque discrimination in both marital and inheritance rights.
Barbarous brutes steeped in such a mind-set cannot be transformed into civilised human beings by Mr. Sloth’s ‘information campaign.
The ONLY way to handle this problem is to BOOT THE BRUTES OUT.
And pending that essential long-term action, keep them caged in their ‘asylum centres.’